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This is the website of Splodge, the maker of Markers for iOS.

There’s a huge revision going on, for Markers and for Splodge. For you. Markers is available on the App Store and support is also available, of course.

For any further information about our services in terms of app development and product design please email us enquiries@splodge.com or contact us via our social media pages.

About Markers

Since August 2011, there's an app called Markers on the App Store. With Markers you can highlight your texts with only one slide of your finger. Choose one of six different colors, add notes to your markings and sum up all the important passages with only one tap. They will be sorted by color and displayed in a compact overview. Concentrate on your texts thanks to Readability. The plain text of a website will be saved in a document and be available offline. Markers is the perfect app for pupils, students, scientists and everyone else who wants to sum up many texts very quickly. Only for iPad and only from Splodge.